Download Free Lightroom Preset in 2024 (Unlimited Free Lightroom Preset)

Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download is fundamental knowledge for photographers seeking efficient photo management. In 2024, The world of photo editing has been transformed with the ability of download free lightroom preset. These Presets are look-for – for anyone looking to quickly apply amazing filters/effects and adjustments to their photos. 

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about download free lightroom preset available in 2024. Here, we’ll explore what Lightroom presets are, their several benefits, and how to find, download, and use them fruitfully.

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What Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Mod APK Presets are basically pre-designed settings or filters of Adobe Lightroom, which is a very famous editing and management app. These useful features allow the photographer to quickly change the look of a picture by simply applying a set of adjustments to a photo. 

It helps to create a specific look or style without the need to manually adjust individual parameters each time.

Benefits Of Using Lightroom Presets:

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If you download free lightroom preset it will gives various benefits that can enhance the photo editing process, mostly for photographers and crazy artists. Here’s the Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download list with benefits:

Quick and Time Saving

Presets help to modify images quickly. Instead of editing each image individually, presets offer you to make adjustments with a single click. This option is particularly beneficial for those who need to process a lot of photos under the touch deadline. 


It’s very important to maintain a consistent editing style across all your photos mostly for professional photographers and artists. Presets make sure that your creation shows a strong matching look. 

If you edit some of your pictures and you want to edit your other images with the same adjustments, then you can make patterns for your other images. The same setting helps to follow consistency in editing. It also makes your editing speed fast and saves your time too. 

Easy to Use for Beginners and Professional

It’s very beneficial for those who are new in the editing field. Presets provide an easy starting point. Presets provide in-depth, instant look-changing options. Presets reduce the need to understand and handle every editing restriction from the start, making the learning process more easy and less frightening. 

New Ideas and Encouragement 

Presets are not just used for quick results; they give many opportunities to their users to try new creativity day by day. They are encouraged to explore more new ideas and add them to their creativity album. 

Learning and Skill Development

By analyzing the changes made by presets, users can observe how many adjustments affect an image. This knowledge can be useful for those who want to improve their manual editing skills. 

Movability Across Devices

Download Lightroom free Preset becuase it can be used on many devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing for a strongly matched editing experience.


Many high-quality presents are available for free or at a low cost. To make the editing easy and fast it’s very beneficial with low significant investment.

Community and Resource Sharing

The popularity of Lightroom introduced a new community for sharing different creativity in the form of presets where people can try various presets and experience new effects and filters as well. 

Customization and Flexibility

Presets offer a starting point, and users can customize and adjust them easily. We can tweak the settings to suit separate images to make sure that the final results align with their vision. 

How To Use Imported Lightroom Presets?

Adobe Lightroom import presets can be complex to process if you are a new Lightroom user. I have mentioned the short tutorial below which can help to use the download free lightroom preset in 2024.

After importing presets in your device, follow these steps;

  • First of all, open Adobe Lightroom and select the photo that you want to edit.
  • Now click on the “Edit” menu at the top of the screen.
  • In the “Edit” menu, find and click on the Presets button.
  • Inside the “Preset Menu,” find the category of “Yours.”
  • In the “Yours” category, find “Saved Presets” and click on them.
  • Take a short survey in your saved collections and find any desired one that will fit your picture. 
  • After applying the desired preset, you can further tune your image for a better look.

How To Save Presets From The Lightroom Discover Tab?

Saving presets from the Lightroom Discover tab is a feature that allows users to quickly adopt styles and editing settings from other photographers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Adobe Lightroom and find the “Discover Tab.”
  • In the “Discover Tab,” you’ll get many photos shared by other Lightroom Users. Just click on your desired one and edit it.
  • With the selected image open, you can see all the editing steps that the original editor applied. Lightroom allows you to see every step to understand how the final image was achieved.
  • After completing the editing process, find the ‘Save as Preset’ option under the settings menu.
  • Click on the save option, and you’ll be prompted to name your new preset. 
  • Once it is saved, it will start showing in your presets collection. You can apply it to other photos.
  • Applied presets can be further customized according to your choice.

Conclusion – Download Free Lightroom Preset

Hope you have successfully download free lightroom preset by adobe. Adobe also offers some premium presets that are superior. Lightroom presets are important in digital photographers’ lives, so stay tuned to learn more about Lightroom with us!

FAQs – Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download

Yes, you can apply presets in Lightroom Mobile without that fee. If you decide not to subscribe, then picture viewing and editing with this mobile app are free; however, your premium features and access across devices will no longer be available.​

Yes, It’s safe.

No, you don’t need a Lightroom premium subscription for the use of presets, especially not in Lightroom Mobile, which is free and also supports said feature​.

Yes, a lot of free Lightroom mobile presets are out there. There are many sites on the internet where you can download free presets for use with Lightroom Mobile​.

In order to install Lightroom presets, after opening up the software, open its Preferences section under a drop-down dialog and then find your way into the Preset panel. From there, you can import and control your presets.

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