Adobe Lightroom Old Versions APK Download [2024]

The Lightroom old version is also people’s favorite because they feel comfortable using its old features. Lightroom Mod Apk takes the place of many other editing apps with its updating features and advanced editing tools.

Keeping up with the trend of editing, Lightroom also introduced many new versions, but often, many people want to experience its Lightroom CC app and download Lightroom old versions to check differences and better performance. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the old Lightroom versions. 

lightroom old version

Adobe Lightroom MOD v9.3.1 (latest version)

However, all Lightroom old versions links available below so let’s explore lightroom apk download old version:

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v9.2.0

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.1.1

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.0.0

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.4.2

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.2.3

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v7.5.1

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v9.3.0

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.1.0

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.2.1

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.0.1

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v8.5.2

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v7.5.0

lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD v9.2.3

lightroom old versions

Advantages of Using Lightroom Old Versions

Here are some benefits of using Lightroom old versions which are listed below; 

Compatibility with Older Hardware

Lightroom apk old version download can help you easily complete your work on old devices because it does not require more processing power and memory. That’s why the lr apk download old version runs smoothly rather than the new.

Familiarity and Ease of Use

A person who’s using a specific version of Lightroom is more comfortable with the old layout, navigation bar and tools because the new version can be difficult and time-consuming for him. 


Older versions might be better in stability because it has been around longer, and the massive bugs are resolved from time to time. On the other hand, newer versions offer many new features and might also introduce bugs and stability issues. 


Reduced Resource Usage

Lightroom old version isn’t heavy according to low-capacity devices. It works smoothly on low GB RAM or CPU. It’s the best option for those who have fewer resources for their tasks.

Avoiding Unwanted Features

Lightroom new version includes new features which can be lengthy or unnecessary for some users. Using the Lightroom app download the old version can allow the user to continue his work without interrupting with these new elements. 

Cost Savings

For cost saving, the lr old version can be helpful for its users. As we know, the new version is subscription- based, but the lightroom apk download of the old version is a one-time purchase. It can save money as well as effort in understanding new elements.

 Plugin Compatibility

A few third-party plugins might only be compatible with some versions of Lightroom. The Users who rely on these plugins may choose to stick with an older version that supports them.

Few Update and bugs

There are very few bugs in the old version. You can freely use it without any difficulty. 

Tips for Maximizing Older Versions of Lightroom Pro:

To maximize the Lightroom old versions consider these tips; 

  • Optimize Performance: Set Lightroom preferences to optimize the performance of hardware for better functionality.
  • Use Presets Wisely: Take benefits from presets; custom editing is time-consuming but
  • Presets can quickly change your photo in seconds. 
  • Organize Your Catalog Efficiently: In Lightroom, you can keenly organize your catalogue by giving them specific names or keywords. This option is really useful for finding any photo, no matter how old it is; just put the keyword in the search bar and find your image. 
  • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts: Grip on your keyboard for fast speed of editing. Learning the shortcuts of the keyboard can significantly improve your efficiency in navigating and using Lightroom.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly clear your catalogue of unused pictures because unnecessary 1:1 previews can slow your system, and the application will not work perfectly.
  • Customize Your Workspace: Customize your Lightroom setting as it’s easy to use for me; change the workplace of modules, panels, and screen setup to ensure that you have quick access to the tools you use most frequently.


Please download your desired version after getting knowledge of the lightroom old version mod apk benefits. Using the Lightroom APK download of the old version can enhance your editing skills with fewer updates, bugs, device compatibility, limited features, and so on. So, lightroom old version apk download and enjoy its easy and simple features!


Can I download older versions of Lightroom?

Yes, you could download older versions of Lightroom. You’ll want to check the Adobe Lightroom site or your Adobe Creative Cloud app for available older versions. Or get it from here.

How do I go back to the old version of Lightroom?

To go back to an old version of Lightroom, uninstall the current version and then download the older version from your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Is Lightroom Classic still available?

Yes, Lightroom Classic is still available. It’s great for those who prefer the traditional desktop editing style.

Is there still a free version of Lightroom?

Yes, there is a free version of Lightroom available for mobile phones. However, the PC version requires a subscription.

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