What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom – An Easy Guide

What color space should I use in Lightroom, Are you eager to find out? In this guide we will explore lightroom color space, so continue to read the entire article. 

When we decide to edit images in lightroom, it’s important to understand the color space to ensure our images display accurately across various screens. 

Color space expresses how colors are showing in your photos whether they are on screen, in print, or on the web. So, let’s get started!

What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom?

What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom

You should use ProPhoto RGB color space, because it contains all the colors digital cameras can capture, making it an amazing choice for editing images.

What is Color Space in Photography?

The color space is an allocated group of colors corresponding to each other. Hence, it can be a useful tool for image displaying in different electronic systems, for example, computers and cameras. It shows how the colors are captured by the devices and reflects them with a coordinate system. 

Some common examples are sRGB, Adobe RGB, and ProPhoto RGB, each color space designed for different uses for multiple devices such as mobile, computer and cameras. 

These color spaces affect how colors are presented in digital photography and other visual media. Let’s know about each color space in details:

sRGB: The Web Standard

sRGB is the most popular color space that is suitable for graphics that can be displayed on the internet or viewed on the standard displays. It assists the color requests of most web browsers in an attempt to ensure that your colors are graphically-identical across different online platforms.

Adobe RGB: Enhanced Color Range

Adobe RGB is broader than sRGB. When the final product is meant for print, Adobe RGB performs better. The color range of this color space is better suited that covers more colors and shades. It is a good choice for high-quality printouts or publications.

Display P3: The Professional Photographers Choice

Display P3 is the widest gamut of three. It shows that some printers have prints that are not part of Adobe RGB but can be seen in ProPhotographers RGB. 

ProPhoto RGB: Photographers Choice

ProPhoto RGB: It is the best option for high-quality professional printing, and many professional photographers who demand precision in color management use this color space.

How to Choose The Right Color Space 

The choice of color space in Lightroom Mod Apk should be dictated by your final output: 

  • For the most part and purpose of online distribution, sRGB should be preferred because of its wide compatibility.
  • However, if you need an EPS version of the file or the prints need to be brighter, then go with Adobe RGB.
  • When professional inkjet printing is needed along with color rendering in finer details, choose ProPhoto RGB space.

Where Do I Choose The Color Space In Lightroom?

Color choice can be an important detail that could damage the entire atmosphere of your image. So always be careful when you are going to select the color options.

What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom

You need to add it also in the export option.

how to choose color space in lightroom
What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom

At last in the Print module (Lightroom Classic only):

What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom

Conclusion About What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom

In conclusion, it would be right to suggest you the right color space for your Lightroom purposes. Such images are completely digital in nature and are sometimes shared online. I hope you understand What Color Space Should I Use In Lightroom through this guide.

Therefore for the best results an sRGB color space is recommended. If your print focus leans towards quality designs with there upon higher gamut, the Adobe RGB color range is for you. 

If fully-accurate color reproduction is the most important factor for the professional calibration printing, ProPhoto RGB profiles should certainly be used. In line with their usage, select a color space that suits the outdoor or indoor environment to produce the best appearing images.


What is the best color space setting?

It is hard to choose the best color space setting when you have many different ambitions. Apply sRGB for web or general use, Adobe RGB for print as a better quality, use ProPhoto RGB to do professional-quality prints with maximum color details respectively.

What Color profile should I use in Lightroom?

Use sRGB for web images, Adobe RGB for higher-quality prints, and ProPhoto RGB for professional print works where color truthiness is the main priority.

Should I use sRGB in Lightroom?

Yes, use sRGB in Lightroom if your pictures deserve displaying online or using standard displays, because it preserves compatibility with most instances.

How to change color space in Lightroom?

In Lightroom, though, you just don’t have an option to alter the working color space as it retains ProPhoto RGB as its default color space. Nevertheless, you have the liberty of choosing the desired color space during export through ‘File Settings’, located in ‘Export Dialogue’ within the export menu.

How to change to sRGB in Lightroom?

The option to output images in sRGB is listed under the ‘File Setting’, which also converts the format to either JPEG or TIFF and Color Space to sRGB.

What color space should I use in Lightroom presets?

The first recommendation is to create ProPhoto RGB presets as it gives a broad color range, but also take into consideration to which purposes these images will be used. If primarily for the web, sRGB focus might be the wise solution.

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