Lightroom Vs VSCO: Which One is Best in 2024?

Lightroom vs VSCO are two famous photo editing apps. In this software, you’ll find many filters, but how would both adjust in one frame? Let’s explore Lightroom vs VSCO. Which one is best to choose in 2024?

What are Adobe Lightroom and VSCO?

Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing apps along with many amazing filters and tools for in-depth photo editing needs.

VSCO on the contrary, VSCO is a photo editor and social media platform. It also provides a video editing facility, but only in its premium version.

Let’s compare Lightroom Classic and VSCO Pro.

Lightroom Vs VSCO – Comparison

Lightroom Vs Picsart

File Types

Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom Classic allows you to import and edit images into both RAW and JPEGs. 

Vsco: Vsco is complicated for a few users. In an Android device, VSCO does not recommend RAW editing because of the weak image quality swap. 

Editing Tools

Lightroom: Lightroom Classic offers more professional type editing tools and a comprehensive feature set for detailed photo editing. VSCO Pro, while robust, leans more towards mobile editing with a focus on filters and basic adjustments.

User – Friendly – Interface

Lightroom Vs Picsart

Lightroom: Lightroom Classic has a more complex interface suitable for professional use, whereas VSCO Pro offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience, especially attractive for mobile photographers.

Social Integration

Vsco: VSCO Pro has a stronger emphasis on social features and community engagement, unlike Lightroom Classic, which is more focused on the editing aspect.

Software Support

Lightroom Classic is designed primarily for desktop use with extensive file management capabilities, while VSCO Pro’s recent move to web-based editing marks an expansion from its mobile-centric origins.

In-app Camera

Lightroom: It offers a camera with a variety of modes (Auto, Manual), DNG, and JPG formats supported, and it provides aspect ratios alongside self-timer geo-tagging overlay grids. Does not support video.

VSCO: It provides a less complicated camera function for photos, videos and looping video with features such as the flash control option and rule of thirds grids.

Editing Tools

Lightroom: Robust editing features such as custom edits, AI tools, healing brush, distortion correction, and color grade. Provides over 150 presets and AI recommendations.

VSCO: Offers a variety of basic and some advanced tools like crop, exposure adjustment, contrast correction, dodge burn HSL strong match addition, etc. The Premium users enjoy more than 200 presets.


Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom memberships as part of which the Photography plan starts from $9.9 per month 14-day free trial, includes Photoshop Lightroom Classic and more cloud storage.

VSCO: VSCO Membership fees are $19.99 per year, with a seven-day trial period during which free tools and over to hundred presets become available for use.

Overall Usability

Lightroom: Lightroom Mod APK is better for people desiring advanced editing functionality and compatibility with other Adobe products. It is perfect for mobile and desktop editors because it provides cross-platform functionality.

VSCO: VSCO is better for social media fans and creators who desire an easy to use layout with fast editing alternatives. It is more affordable and appropriate.

Recommendations Between Lightroom Vs Vsco

When comparing Lightroom vs VSCO as of 2024, each app offers clear-cut features for different user needs:

Lightroom: With many high-level photo editing features, Lightroom is popular among those who want to use a powerful tool. It provides many options, such as selective editing, powerful color-grading capabilities, AI tools designed for specific alterations, and a Healing brush.

Lightroom is also quite flexible, it can be used both on mobile and desktop operating systems. Its compatibility with other Adobe products, such as Photoshop, and ability to adjust according to devices make it a powerful option for photographers and professionals.

VSCO: VSCO is excellent in its simplicity and the ability to share within a community. It is preferred for its simplicity, simple design, and high-quality presets. VSCO is especially beloved by persons using mobile devices for the fast editing and sharing of images on social networks. 

With its community aspect, such as following other creators and taking part in challenges, it creates a social dimension to the photo editing process. If you need a more powerful, feature-rich program that works in desktop mode, choose Lightroom. 

Alternatively, however, if you prefer to use a mobile app with attention to the community element and without access to more advanced editing tools, then VSCO is for you. Between the free versions of each app, it may be worthwhile to know which best suits your style and editing preferences.

Both Lightroom and VSCO have different strengths. As for the changing landscape, Lightroom is mostly considered a more advanced editing application along with cross-platform functionality, while VSCO has been known for its community aspect and focus on a toolset that was suitable for making quick edits​and sharing it through social media platforms.

VSCO Premium Membership

Whether to purchase a VSCO premium membership will depend on your specific needs. If you apply a lot of presets or if your interests are in videography and photography as well, the premium membership could be worth it.

FAQs – Lightroom vs VSCO

VSCO has got a free version, but one must establish an account to access it. In this version, some tools are locked, and only a few presets can be used.

There is a free version of the Lightroom Mobile that has large features, but some tools are limited. For its use, you require a free Creative Cloud account that also gives access to the downloaded versions of other Adobe apps and 2 GB of cloud-based storage.

VSCO has more powerful photo editing functionalities when compared to Instagram. Nevertheless, Instagram is more popular as a social media site. This preference depends on which community and toolset is preferred.

The most suitable photo editing application is personal preference and how much one wants to spend. VSCO and Lightroom are arguably the most used, with Snapseed also being a strong contender.

Yes, in a paid membership, you can sync Lightroom Classic and CC with Adobe Cloud. You can also transfer images into Photoshop directly.

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