Lightroom Vs Picsart: Which is Better for You in 2024?

Lightroom and Picsart are both well-known editing software in the online software industry. They both use the same purpose, then which one should we consider in 2024? 

In this article, you’ll get information about Lightroom vs Picsart. But first, you should read the full post. Of course, then you’ll know the difference between Lightroom vs Picsart. Which is better for you? Let us check them out in detail.

Overview of Lightroom

Adobe Creative Cloud has a photo-editing storage application called Lightroom app. It was designed for professional graphics designers and image editors. However, it helps them accumulate a long series of digital photos and content. 

Additionally, this software allows users to manipulate their pictures using various tools quickly. It also involves color balance, contrast changes, and brightness adjustments of the images.

The program features noise reduction, lens correction, etc. This app, therefore, enables users to store their images in Creative Cloud folders. It also allows you to publish them for other users and upload pictures. Also, the app will work on PCs, Mac devices, IOS and Android gadgets.

Overview of Picsart

The second most amazing free photo editing app is Picsart. So, it’s a popular photo editing app that allows the creation of beautiful mobile designs. Also, this application offers various tools and features. 

It consists of effects, filters, collage themes, and so on. It also has retouching photos, removing objects, and 200+ appealing font features.

The Picsart APK allows users to create collages with premade templates of various designs. Also, this app allows users to send their edited pictures or videos to other people. They can also upload them on the Picsart website. You can also download it on IOS and Android gadgets.

Lightroom Vs Picsart interface

Lightroom Interface

On the other hand, Lightroom has a complicated interface. Being a beginner, it’s not easy to perform its functions. But this Adobe software comes with advanced features and a library. By using this, you can organize images on different large-screen devices for better and easier editing interfaces like MacBook, PC, Tablet, iOS, and iPhone. 

PicsArt Interface

Picsart is easy to use. Even a beginner can use it easily. However, the huge amount of effects, vast filters, and impressive tools can help to modify the image into a beautiful form. You can edit and manage images quickly on your own because its functions are easy to operate.

Lightroom vs Picsart Features

lightroom vs picsart

Picsart Features

Beauty Tools

Picsart comes with beautifying tools like capturing selfies with teeth whitening, eye brightening, and skin smoothing tools. Furthermore, it can let users manage their images’ contrast, color, and intensity.

Double Exposure

Picsart allows its users to merge two images and make one photo. Its user can organize two different images, blue and the texture of its color, and create a single attractive image. 

Cutout Tools

This feature helps us to crop an image rough background. It has the facility to change the background image as well. 


You can modify the image by giving them a colorful touch. In the masking tool, you can edit photos by using dust, folds, waves, shadows, hearts, stars, and the universe.  

Drawing Tools

Picsart has a drawing facility, with pencils and different sizes of brushes. We can draw custom things and make them colorful with color texture features. 

HDR Feature

HDR feature makes images more colorful and increases the contrast in bright sections. We can also use curve-cutting-edge shading. Moreover, it offers color tone, clarity, shadows, temperature, etc.

Sticker Maker

Picsart has a sticker-making option, which is my favorite thing. Write your keyword on the search bar and press the search button; here, we see many HD stickers related to our query. People usually use this feature to make attractive thumbnails. 

Features of Lightroom:

Efficient Photo Organization And File Handling

Adobe Lightroom has image organization and file-handling functions, Where you can modify pics and organize them by giving a keyword or renaming them. 

Video Editor And Reels Maker

Lightroom Mod APK offers video editing and short reel-making facilities. It produces advanced tools for editing photos. By using this, you can apply presets, edit, retouch, trim, and crop videos with precision sliders to adjust brightness, sharpness, contrast, and many more. 

Cloud Storage

Lightroom Premium gives a wide range of cloud storage options. Here, you can make web galleries, share albums, and collaborate on specific collections with other Lightroom users. 

Powerful Editing Using Advanced Tools

Adobe Lightroom Pro comes with Powerful Editing Using Advanced Tools such as Selective Edits, Healing Brush, Gradient Filters, Radial Filters, HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance), and Advanced Color Adjustments. Beginners and professionals can use presets for fast editing. In short, Lightroom gives a lot on one platform. 

Lightroom vs Picsart Comparison Table

Aspects LightroomPicsart
Target AudienceProfessionals, photographers, graphic designersCasual users, creative enthusiasts
Editing ToolsAdvanced, precise controlsDiverse creative tools
Image ManagementRobust organizational featuresLimited organization
IntegrationAdobe Creative Cloud ecosystemNot applicable
Social FeaturesNot applicableSharing, community engagement
PlatformsDesktop and mobileMobile app
PricingSubscription-basedFree with optional purchases
Key FeaturesAdvanced editing tools, excellent file managementFilters, effects, artistic options
User BaseProfessionals and enthusiastsCasual and creative users
StrengthsPowerful editing tools, non-destructive editing, organizational capabilitiesBeginner-friendly, wide range of artistic options, social integration
WeaknessesSteeper learning curve, subscription costLimited professional editing features, limited image management

Lightroom vs Picsart: Which one is a better video editing tool?

It’s difficult to compare Lightroom vs Picsart because both tools are the best for editing video and making it attractive. 

Lightroom for Video Editing 

Lightroom is the best option for those who want to do advanced editing. It supports RAW video file editing. It’s especially a good option for photographers to make their extreme-level content to show their pro skills. 

Picsart for Video Editing

Picsart is mobile-friendly. It provides an easy and advanced video modifying interface, particularly for social media platforms. Furthermore, Picsart offers elementary editing, trimming, adding music, using different transitions, and cutting unnecessary video part options. Thus, It’s an ideal software for those who want to edit their images quickly. 

Lightroom vs Picsart Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Adobe Lightroom


  • It provides Powerful Editing Tools, including raw image processing and fine-tuning.
  • Adobe Lightroom offers Non-Destructive Editing without permanently altering the original image.
  • Robust File Organization features for easy sorting and retrieval of images.
  • Professional Workflow for professional photographers and serious lovers.


  • Steeper Learning Curves can be challenging for beginners to navigate.
  • Subscription-based pricing can be difficult for those who do not require such an extensive range of tools.
  • Adobe Lightroom focuses Mainly on Editing and Organization and provides less creative and social features.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Picsart 


  • User-Friendly Interface, which is suitable for beginners.
  • Creative and Artistic Tools for designing a wide range of filters, effects, and artistic options to enhance photos.
  • Social Integration for encouraging sharing and community engagement.
  • Picsart is free with Optional Purchases; it can be accessible without the need for a subscription.


  • Picsart offers limited Professional Editing Features.
  • It gives Limited Image Management features.

Personal Opinion About Lightroom vs Picsart – Which One is Better?

I used both software to differentiate them. I came up with an honest opinion that I always choose picsart for professional aims. Picsart offers enhanced and pro-level image customization, which attracts my clients when they watch my graphic designing and image customization skills. 

So, Lightroom vs Picsart is the first and foremost choice for editing purposes.


To sum up, Picsat has more potential because it has a wide variety of image customization tools. So, Picsart will be the best option for you. This guide helps to understand the difference and pick more valuable software. 


What will I choose? Picsart or Lightroom?

Lightroom vs Picsart. Well, both tools are different from each other.

Although Picsart is more enjoyable than Lightroom, it can be used for graphic designing as well as funny effects and graphics. Thus, picsart is the best option for mobile. It will help you to choose picsart.

Is it best to edit professional videos in Picsart?

Yes, it’s best to edit professional images in Picsart. 

Which mobile app is the best for photo editing?

Picsart is the best free app for Android and smartphone users. It provides powerful AI and Beauty tools. However, PicsArt is the best choice for you.

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