How To Make Lightroom Preset – Step By Step Guide 2024

Do you like to be a pro at making Lightroom mod apk presets and want to know how To Make Lightroom Preset then you’re on the right platform. Lightroom presets are a bundle of filters that turn a RAW image into an attractive look. In this article, I am going to tell you a simple step-by-step guide on How To Make Lightroom Preset. After this guide, you’ll be able to make your own preset confidently.

 I’ll show you how to make, apply, and import your own preset for high-quality and fast editing. Let’s explore the methods of how to make Lightroom preset below in this article.

What are Lightroom Presets?

how to make lightroom preset

Lightroom presets work like magic. Adobe Lightroom offers to create custom presets that can save our time and effort and turn our image into a classic look immediately. Presets are available in the market, you can buy or create your own. Many photographers and photography lovers use them because presets provide quick results. 

How To Make Lightroom Preset – Easy Steps

Before making a Lightroom preset, select a photo from your device. Edit the image as you want to see it for making a preset. After that save it and follow these steps to save preset in Lightroom:

Step 1: Select the image from your device.

How To Make Lightroom Preset

Step 2: Now edit your image using the Lightroom tool brush.

how to make lightroom preset

Step 3: When your image is completely edited. Simply click on the navigation bar, you’ll see an option that is ‘Create preset’. Click on it and make a preset.

how to make lightroom preset

Step 4: Give a suitable name that you’ll remember in future to apply it on other photos and save it.

how to make lightroom presets

Now you can make another preset like this and apply it on a different photo from the preset library. 

How to export Lightroom presets?

When you are satisfied with your recently created preset. Then you can export it easily on your device. Or simply click on the menu bar and press ‘export’ option. After that select the folder where you want to save it, give a random name, and click save. 

How to add presets to Lightroom Classic CC?

It’s very easy to add presets in Lightroom Classic CC. Open Lightroom, click on the ‘Develop’ option or command-click anywhere in the presets module to choose the “Import”. 

There you’ll navigate the preset download file and click import.


I hope you got the point of reading how to make Lightroom preset. Presets can enhance our work speed, especially when we have many similar photos for editing, we can apply the same preset to all of them at once. As you become Adobe Lightroom Pro using its tools, you can create a variety of presets for different types of photos to enhance and make them creative. 

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